About the TSC

The Toronto Sports Council is a non-profit organization that strives to assist and support the growth of sport. The TSC is recognized by Toronto City Council as the “Voice for Sport” in Toronto. The Toronto Sports Council promotes active involvement in sport and physical recreation and provides a network for sport organizations to share experiences and resources. We focus on participation development; participation for all.


  • Unite Through Sport and Engage


  • Build healthy communities and strengthen volunteerism
  • Increase accessibility and celebrate Ontario’s diversity

What We Do

  • Collaboration: sport specific summits, special projects, research, partnerships.
  • Communication: TSC website (all components)
  • Co-ordination: infrastructure planning, neutral broker, data management.

How the TSC Began

The TSC is a legacy of Toronto's 2008 Olympic Bid, after the unsuccessful bid it was felt that with the momentum created, a sports council was needed to promote sport in our community, and therefore build healthy communities, increase the accessibility of sport for all Torontonians. In 2004 The TSC was incorporated as a non-profit-organization.

The Toronto Sports Council supports the following sports: