Attention all Aquatic Partners:

On Tuesday December 4, 2012, a notice from the Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC) was forwarded to you in relation to the anticipated TDSB Board approval of a Revised Fee Structure for the 31 TDSB/TLC pools.  At the December 12, 2012, TDSB Board meeting, approval was given to this Revised Fee Structure.  On behalf of Shirley Hoy, CEO, TLC, please read the attached Memo and refer to the Revised Fee Schedule for your information. Given changes will not take effect until September 1, 2013, please plan for your budget year and aquatic programs accordingly.

Please contact me at any time, should you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
Linda Pietrangelo

Community Coordinator, Swim Toronto
Toronto Lands Corporation
A wholly owned subsidiary of the TDSB
3rd Floor - 43 Millwood Rd.
Toronto, ON M4S 1J6

Tel: 416.393.0580
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*There are five key updates for all AWG members here – please review and be in touch if you have any questions or things to add*  We have attached the notes from our last meeting.

What’s happening with keeping pools open?

There are two important points here:

  • The recently updated pool lease agreement between the City and TDSB confirms that the City of Toronto will notify the TDSB no later than January 1st if they intend to stop using the pool in September of that same year. The City of Toronto has confirmed that they don’t expect any decisions to be made to pull out of TDSB pools for the 2012-2013 school year.
  • When the Province provided funds for capital repairs of TDSB pools, it was on the condition that those pools would remain open for a minimum of 8 years. The TDSB has an option to close pools before the 8 years are up, as long as they are prepared to reimburse the Province for its investment.

Is there an ongoing role for the AWG?

At our most recent AWG meeting (May 24, 2012) we agreed that based on the success of community efforts to date, the AWG is evolving its crisis management focus to focusing more on information collection and sharing that can inform TDSB and City decisions regarding pool infrastructure and pool programming. There is an important ongoing role for the AWG which includes:
  • Continuing to increase the use of pools (increasing permit hours and pool users);
  • AWG Pool Captain(s) connecting with the various community stakeholders that have an interest in the health of the pool (especially pool users, permit holders, school leaders, parents, elected officials);
  • Pool Captain(s) and other pool stakeholders collecting data to assist decision makers (template will be revised and reviewed at the fall meeting);
  • Assisting with the creation of a more streamlined process and improved customer service related to pool use; and
  • Facilitating strong relationships between pool users, communities and those that provide pools and pool programming (including but not limited to the City, TDSB, TLC/Swim Toronto). 
Every September the AWG will meet to share and discuss the information collected on each pool during that calendar year, and develop strategies for responding to any issues that exist. We will start this data collection in September 2012.

What needs to happen now?

  • Every pool needs to confirm who is currently the Pool Captain, and whether that person will still be around in September 2012. If not, a new Pool Captain needs to be identified. Please email Karen and Nicole by the end of June/early July to confirm the Pool Captain(s) for your pool.
  • Connect with Swim Toronto about permit fee increases. Linda Pietrangelo from Swim Toronto is hosting a second permit fee meeting on July 18, 2012 5:30-7:30 pm at TLC Office.   The notes from the first meeting attached here. There are increases being contemplated by the TDSB and Swim Toronto – so please make an effort to attend this meeting.  If you would like provide your comments or get more information please contact Linda Pietrangelo  416.393.0580

What needs to happen over the summer?

  • We will be sending around a draft Pool Captain job description in July. We’re hoping you will review and send any comments or suggested edits to that job description. Note that the Pool Captain role for the TDSB operated pools will likely be different from the role Pool Captains have with City-leased TDSB pools.  If you would like to help develop the job description please let us know.
  • We will also be sending around an updated draft template of the information the AWG thinks needs to be collected at each pool to help inform decision making. We’re hoping you’ll also review and send comments on this.
  • Continue working to stay connected with other pool stakeholders in your community.
  • Continue working to increase permit hours.

When do we meet again?

The next AWG meeting will be held in September 2012 – stay tuned for updates (as described above) throughout the summer. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.
Have a great summer.
All the best,
David Crombie (AWG Chair)
Karen Pitre ( Toronto Sports Council Chair)
Nicole Swerhun (Facilitator)

Toronto Lands Corporation Job Posting March 31, 2014

TLC hired a new employee for an interim period to aid with the pools file effective March 31, 2014. In a concerted effort to increase response times, improve communication and customer service to you, Christopher Ricketts will be your new TLC point person for any matters relating to pool permits and issues management.

Chris comes to TLC with a plethora of experience in aquatics, ranging from Aquatic Program Coordinator, Aquatic Facility Manager, and Leadership Trainer at the City of Toronto. Being a former TDSB aquatic instructor, Chris is familiar with a number of our pool facilities and the organizations that use them. Now entering into aquatics administration, Chris is a valuable addition to our team. I would like to welcome and introduce Chris to you and would ask that if you have any questions in regards to your permits, i.e. availability, booking your permits etc. that you email or phone Chris moving forward. As Chris transitions into his role, I will continue to assist you as well, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us.

Chris can be reached at CRicketts.TLC@TDSB.ON.CA or at 416.393.0571.

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