Two meetings of the collaborative were held at Sir Robert L. Borden Business Technical Institute on June 18, 2014.  With more than 50 people attending, the focus of the meeting was to affirm the direction of the collaborative and to identify areas for organizational and individual contributions. 

A Research Working Group has been established with the University of Toronto Scarborough being the academic lead. Fall 2014 activities will include several mini-summits that will begin to enhance the integration of Canadian Sport for Life into East Scarborough. The mini-summits being planned are: Physical Literacy 1.0; Becoming a CS4L Community; and an Athlete Development Workshop.
A next step for the collaborative is to develop a collective strategy to address programming gaps in East Scarborough and to identify and respond to new programming opportunities.

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) Community Connections Project

East Scarborough Multi-Sport Collaborative

The Aim:
To provide all children and youth in the East Scarborough community with the opportunity in sport to:
(a) become physically literate through quality multi-sport experiences.
(b) develop personal resiliency, learning and life skills.
(c) reach their personal athletic potential.
Guiding Principles:
  • Opportunities to participate in sport should be encouraged and equitable
  • The success of the partnership is the collective effort of all partners
  • An inclusive intercultural approach is desirable
  • Each sport experience should be high quality and developmentally appropriate
  • Sustainable programming is best developed with local leadership and collaboration
  • The learning and life skills that children and youth receive through their participation in sport, is just as important as the sport experience itself
  • Excellence is a worthy pursuit
The ‘fit’ within Canadian Sport for Life
The Multi-Sport Partnership will focus on providing experiences in different sports at the Fundamentals, Learning to Train and Training to Train stages of the Canadian Long-Term Athlete Development model.  The experiences derived from the partnership will be based on developing physical literacy so that the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life, a desire to make a contribution to greater society and a lifetime commitment to physical activity is a part of the community culture. Participants who are engaged in the partnership and have a passion or pre-disposition for a particular sport will have the opportunity to continue to participate in that sport. This inclusive approach will ensure that affordability or individual differences will minimize the barriers to participation.
The Key Partners
The focus will be on providing affordable opportunities in several sports that may or may not be currently available or accessible in the East Scarborough community. The partners and the roles required to ensure success are:
  • City of Toronto PFR to identify opportunities and support the partnership
  • University of Toronto Scarborough to bring their resources to the community and affordable access to playing fields
  • East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club as a point of contact and opportunity
  • East Scarborough Storefront as a hub of opportunity and collaboration
  • Toronto Community Housing to help the children and youth find the opportunities
  • Local Organizations and Agencies to help identify what is needed in the community
  • Toronto Sports Council to provide support to the partnership development
  • Provincial and Local Sport Organizations to provide sport technical training
  • The Multi-Sport Partnership Catalyst Group to promote the concept and facilitate opportunities for sustainable partnerships and programming
The Outcome:
The East Scarborough Multi-Sport Collaborative will facilitate opportunities for children and youth to enjoy the positive benefits of a quality sport experience. Sport will be accessible to more people. The partnership will facilitate community pride and will encourage and develop athletes to remain active for life, attain the fundamental skills needed to participate in a variety of sports and facilitate the self-awareness of the skills needed to achieve excellence in life.

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